Dolomieu Conference
on Carbonate Platforms and Dolomite

Selva di Val Gardena (Italy) *
04.10. - 07.10.2016
* Selva di Val Gardena / Sëlva / Wolkenstein in Gröden (the name of the town in the three official languages Italian, Ladin and German)

THE Dolomieu Conference 2016

The first Dolomieu Conference on Carbonate Platform and Dolomitization took place in Val Gardena in 1991, marking the 200 years anniversary of the discovery of the mineral dolomite. The meeting marked a key moment in this field of research and the presentations and discussions set the agenda of many carbonate researchers for years to come.

Very much has happened in the past 25 years and we would like to meet for an update. We are planning to reconvene in the same inspiring location to review what has happed since then, to discuss current research and to identify areas of future work in the areas of carbonate platform studies and dolomite.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dolomieu Conference 2016!

Maria Mutti, Judith A. McKenzie and Ursula (Uschi) Hammes